BeBop, Take 2! – San Diego Pet Photographer

Meet BeBop! He is an adorable Corgi! You might remember the photos I took of him as just a little puppy. Now he is a “big boy”! He’s so cute! Especially when he looks at you straight on and looks like he’s smiling! He is also incredibly well trained. That made it nice and easy to get so many shot of him sitting and looking towards the camera. Always keep that in mind when scheduling a dog photo shoot. The better your dog is trained, the more painless the session will be. If your dog cannot sit and stay on command for at least 20 seconds or so, consider doing some training before scheduling a photo shoot. (click the photos to see them larger)

Ah, look at that sweet face…

Miranda & Scott – Long Beach Wedding

Meet Miranda and Scott! Their wedding was at The Wine Crush in Long Beach, CA. I wanted to start off this post with a kiss and a hug! The first of their marriage! (click the photos to see them larger)

How sweet is Scott’s face during that hug?! I love how he’s look at his new bride below! So happy! And those dimples! Oh, and how about that blue dress? This was my first time photographing a bride who didn’t wear a white dress. It was awesome!

As I was taking their photos right after the ceremony, some of their friends snuck up behind me and made them laugh. Isn’t it great to have friends who know you so well?! Miranda has an amazing smile!

Ahhh, Miranda, you are beautiful and as you can see, Scott thinks so too!

Husband and wife making the rounds at their reception.

Cheers to a lovely toast!

Scott’s dad signing the marriage license.

How cute is this little guy?! I wanted to put him in my pocket!

Miranda and Scott had a scrapbook photobooth set up. Everyone had a great time!

This is the bride’s Mom. How cute is she?!

How precious is this little one?

Congratulations Miranda and Scott! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!