Kolbe & Heidi – La Jolla Engagement Photography

Meet Kolbe and Heidi! I’ve been friends with Kolbe for several years and when he was single, he would say, “I just want a girl to somehow fall from the sky and into my life.” I told him, “Kolbe, that’s just not going to happen!” And, you know what? I was wrong! Heidi quite literally fell from the sky and into his life! OK, not literally…but close enough!

Their story is not mine to tell, but all you need to know is that they are so terribly in love ♥.

You could just see the sparks between them! From the second I met Heidi, I knew she was perfect for my friend. If there had been a catalog of women, I would have picked Heidi for Kolbe in a second!

(And isn’t it cute that both of their names end in the “ie” sound?!)

PS – These photos look way awesome when you look at them full size by clicking on them.

Kolbe, you are a lucky man ; ) Look at her eyes!

Heidi is a designer and her requests for their engagement shoot was to have an “old building” look and some beach shots. I think we pulled it off pretty well by heading to La Jolla for the shoot. Some of the textures on the buildings were great and Heidi was happy, which is what I care about!

How sweet are they?

They just laughed and laughed…so in love…

I think this one is my favorite!

I had to throw this one in there, JUST to tell you the story about how freaked out I was when the happy couple suggestion climbing OVER the wall to get the best shot. I was terrified they were going to fall. Kolbe, being the eternal joke-ster, thought it was hilarious that I kept telling them to “PLEASE BE CAREFUL!”, and “clung” to Heidi as if he was going to fall. At the time I wanted to kill him for scaring me, but now…the picture is kind of funny. Thanks Kolbs!

Do you feel it? Do you feel the love?

I absolutely love these two photos! They both already have great natural smiles, but the smiles here are super genuine. What you don’t see is that literally 10 second before I took the photos, icy-cold ocean water came up MUCH higher then expected and we all got wet. Yikes! Sorry about your pants guys! But you have to admit, it was worth getting the awesome shots, right? : )

These next two shots are very similar, but I couldn’t decide which one to post. Don’t buy into the myth that you need a clear day for a photo shoot. Clouds are awesome!Love you guys! Congrats on your marriage! I know it will be amazing. Thanks for trusting me to take your special engagement/announcement photos!

Joe-Joe’s Birthday! – San Diego Birthday Party Photographer

You may remember little Joe-Joe from the last time I posted pictures of him. At the time I took those photos, he was a year younger. Now, he’s FOUR years old! Joe-Joe’s parents contacted me to photograph his 4th birthday party and before the party we grabbed a few family photos as well. (You can see the photos larger by clicking on them.)

I promise you, he was turning 4, but old habits die hard and he put up 3 fingers : )

They got a Spiderman bounce house for the party!

I had to throw this one in here. Joe-Joe and Dad are demonstrating how Spiderman shoots out his webs (not how to make devil horns for a rock concert)!

They also had a Slip ‘n Slide set up! The kids went nuts for this! Here is Joe-Joe on his take-off!

Ahhh, to be a kid again…

These two photos cracked me up. They were taken a fraction of a second apart and look vastly different! He was trying to get the attention of an arriving party guest by yelling and then sweetly waved…too cute.

I snapped this photo just in time to catch Joe-Joe sticking out his tongue. Looking at it now, I realize he has always done this. Check out this photo from a past shoot.

This little angel reminded me of Mad Med! She looked so ’60s and her hair was an amazing color.

Pizza or watermelon, pizza or watermelon, pizza or watermelon…

Slip ‘n Sliding is serious business…

Dad was very brave, making his way down with a rider on his back!

I love this one, I think it’s my favorite from the whole day.

As you can see, all the young ones were really fascinated by the water squirting from the Slip ‘n Slide.

I’m not going to lie. I had myself a little giggle every time a wet child tried to get in the bounce house. The water make the plastic REALLY slippery…

Four year’s old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE-JOE!

I’ll leave you with this last series of photos where Joe-Joe was trying to enjoy his birthday cake and all the doggies wanted some to…so badly, one even licked his feet (that’s the giggle photo)!

Thanks to Joe-Joe’s parents for asking me to be photograph the  party and to their friends and family for letting me be part of the day! If you have a kids birthday party coming up and don’t want to worry about making sure to take photos AND host, let me know and I can help!

Sweet Baby Jane – San Diego Newborn Photography

Meet Jane. She is only 7 days old in these photos! I took a liking to calling her Sweet Baby Jane because even though her mom said she had been an angel up until this day, she was being quite difficult at the start! Of course, this is not her fault as she is new to the world! It takes a lot of patience working with children, but it is SO worth it! A few days later, we also did a shoot with her whole family.

This first photo is by far my favorite of the session, even though her little brow is furrowed. She looks sort of concerned, doesn’t she?

Once Jane’s Mom and I saw her face all scrunched up like that, we thought Baby Jane might be uncomfortable, so Mom picked her to to comfort her. She still looks a tad confused…but I love how it looks like her hands are in yoga prayer pose!

Baby Jane’s Mom, rocked her, fed her, rocked her, fed her, burped her, changed her diaper, fed her and then finally…Sweet Baby Jane appeared…sound asleep…

How cute is that hat? Jane’s Mom made it! She learned to knit while she was pregnant, how awesome!

She made the booties too!

I heart baby toes…

Bear hat courtesy of Mom also!

At one point Mom came back in the room while I was working with Sweet Baby Jane and kissed her on the head. I LOVE that the baby looks like she is smiling!

I love how Mom looks so happy!

Sweet Baby Jane, I can’t wait to meet you when you are older! Hopefully sometime soon!


The “B” Family – Pacific Beach Family Photography

Meet the “B” family! Due to a new addition to the family, we headed to the beach to take some new family photos. (Stay tuned for the newborn shoot we did of Baby Jane).  Cloudy days are surprisingly the BEST days for portraits outside because it makes for awesome lighting! We had a fun time out there at the beach and I was so excited to get them new photos of their growing family!

Baby Jane seemed not to please with getting kissed on the forehead, but how sweet is her older brother Jack?

Her outfit says “little sister”…love it!

Baby Jane is about 10 days old here I think, and we were remarking at how small she was in her dad’s hands!

…and lap…

This is just about where I lost Jack. He did so awesome, but a 4 year old’s attention span can only go for so long.

About 2 seconds later, I completely lost him…

…then I lost Mom…

…and finally, I lost Dad…(sorry, it was too funny not to post!)

One more for good measure!

I think this is an awesome dichotomy to see how HUGE Jack looks next to his Dad, versus Baby Jane. And I also love Jacks sweet smile ; )

Baby Jane getting some comfort in Mom’s arms as we wrapped up the family shoot. See Baby Jane’s little furrowed brow? Precious…

So cute, it kills me. He already loves his little sister!

Threw this one in for laughs because of Jack. For some reason he thought laying next to his sister was the silliest thing ever! I have no idea why, but there was no way he was going to let me try! Kids…

At the end of the shoot, I got Jack to give me a little more of his attention. Man, did he turn on the charm or WHAT? I swear he looks like he is modeling clothes for a magazine in this first shot. See how is “oh so casually” leaned up against the pillar? He posed that way himself!

“Cute Kid of the Year Award” goes to….JACK!

At the end of the shoot, we were just goofing with Jack and put my assistant’s sunglasses on him. Didn’t realize at the time how mirrored the sunglasses were!

I can’t put my finger on why, but I LOVE this photo!

Total GQ…chillin’!

Thanks “B” family for asking me to capture these special moments of your life. It really was my pleasure and honor!

Tatiana & Chris – Engagement Photography in San Diego

Meet Tatiana and Chris! They have been friends of mine for years and I was so happy to capture their engagement photos.  They were fantastic during the shoot! I hardly had to give them any coaching at all, they are so lovey-dovey with each other! (Don’t forget if you want to see the photos larger, just click on them.)

Also, a note to the ladies: I always recommend having your make-up professionally done before your shoot. Tatiana did, and she had the brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone. She went for her “wedding day make-up trial” before our engagement shoot. How smart is that?!

See? How cute are they? They did most of these poses on their own! They will be using this photo at their wedding for their sign in board. I am honored! (It’s one of my faves too.)

I had to throw this one in there, because it was just too cute. I was trying to tell Chris to kiss Tatiana on the CHEEK and accidentally I said CHIN. He follows directions well ; )

So sweet…like a romantic movie…

Something funny happened during our shoot and Chris was laughing so hard, he started CRYING, yes, crying. I love how Tatiana is looking at him like, “Really?”.

The light on front of these doors was amazing…

While we were on our shoot, I saw this tree where someone had painted a heart on a cut branch.

More awesome light under this tree. To me the pictures taken here look so editorial to me. Not something I usually aim for, but I think it worked out nicely!

Tatiana, you are so beautiful! Can’t wait for your wedding day!

While we were shooting, Tatiana threw a smooch on Chris’ forehead. Too cute…I am so looking forward to the wedding next month. Love you guys!

Venice, Italy Print on Display!

I am so excited! I have my first piece of artwork on display. I never think of myself as an artist, because I typically work with people on their portraits. But when I travel, I take my camera everywhere and end up taking many more landscapes or “artsy” photos then I do at home.

Back in 2005 I traveled to Italy with some friends, an experience I will not soon forget. While in Venice (my favorite part if Italy as of yet) I took this photo:

As soon as I saw it (even on the teeny tiny screen I had on my camera back then), I knew it was a winner. It took me a few years to eventually print it to hang in my own house, but once I did, I fell in love with it again.

Now, hopefully other people will fall in love with it too! This week I hung up an canvas wrap of  Venice at Night in Dominic’s at the Oceanside Harbor! The walls in Dominic’s just happen to be an awesome shade of burnt orange, so the blue from the photo pops RIGHT off the wall. Pretty lovely if I do say so myself! Please forgive the awful phone photo, but I actually forgot my camera the day I hung it up (I was too excited!).

If you are local to San Diego and are at the Oceanside Harbor, go check out Dominic’s for yummy Italian/Pizza and you can see Venice at Night in person! Let me know how it looks : )

Rainbow and Sunset Photos – Happy Labor Day!

Here in “sunny” San Diego, the last weekend of summer was just “sort of sunny”. The night before Labor Day, there was thunder and lightning around 4:30am that woke me up (quite a feat as I am a heavy sleeper), but no rain. It was so odd! We threw an impromptu BBQ Labor Day evening and apparently it WAS raining somewhere because someone looked out the window and saw a HUGE rainbow! So hard to capture on camera, but I did my best. What a fun way to end a holiday weekend! (Click to see the photos larger!)

Scott & Gretchen – Wedding Photography in San Diego

Remember Scott and Gretchen from their engagement photos? I was actually a guest at their wedding, but was happy to do some photos for them as well! (You can also click the photos and scroll through to see them larger.)

I headed to Scott’s house where the boys were getting ready and all the flowers where there! There was a mix-up that morning and they went with it!

Scott is such a goofball, gotta love him…

When I arrived at the bridal room, Gretchen was already made up and looked gorgeous! (They had another photographer there to photograph) the ladies getting ready.

As the ladies finish getting ready, the boys ended up where they so often do before the wedding…at the bar ; )

Scott and Gretchen decided to see each other before the ceremony and this was their “first look”…it was so sweet and tearful.

Arriving at the ceremony site, I grabbed a few details before the wedding began.

Here comes the bride with her dad, so happy!

Scott’s Mom doing a reading.

Their ceremony and reception was on a Naval base. During the ceremony, this boat came cruising quickly toward the site. Whoever was driving the boat was so respectful as they slowed WAY down (and therefor quieted the loud engine) as they drove past us. So nice of them!

First kiss as husband and wife!

During the cocktail hour I met this little charmer, Gretchen’s nephew. He was so cute, I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. Sadly, he wouldn’t oblige.

Scott and Gretchen did something super fun! They had a magician and a caricature artist roaming around the cocktail hour. I have never seen that done before and it was a GREAT idea! The photo below was taken after I watched the magician, Kevin (on the right), do a trick with the wedding guest and apparently STOLE a watch right off  the guests wrist and no one had any idea…including the guy wearing it! Amazing! If you need a great magician in San Diego, check him out!

This is Dave, the caricature artist. He was awesome too! Everyone who had one done, loved it. Including me! (See the last photo in this post for proof!) If you are looking for someone with an awesome personality and super talent for your next event, check out Caricatures By Dave!

They used one of their engagement photos for a sign-in board.

See?! This kid cracked me up!

Thanks again for including me in your special day! Wishing you happiness forever! Oh and see, here is the evidance of the caricature artist’s awesome work : ) And no, I don’t typically photograph weddings in an off the shoulder dress!