Fake Tilt Shift – San Diego Photographer

A friend asked me if I had ever heard of  “Tilt Shift” photography. I hadn’t, so I did a little online research and thought it might be fun to try. In order to do it for “real”, you need a special lens attachment. But, you can also get a similar, yet not perfect look using Photoshop.  Tilt Shift makes things look like they are miniature. How neat! I had fun trying it out!

Is this a miniature set for a new summer blockbuster? Nope, this is the real thing taken from the top of the Empire State building. Whaddya think?

Jen at the Beach – San Diego Portrait Photography

Meet Jen! Jen has been a friend of mine for many years and I was happy to come to the rescue when she wanted her pictures taken at the beach. We decided to use her stomping grounds, Ocean Beach, CA, for our backdrop. And what a great backdrop it was! We had a great time looking for places to shoot! She was a great sport and a great model! Thanks Jen, enjoy!

Jen was a champ that day, the sun was super bright!

Vroom Vroom! Go girl!

I just love how the grass made a nice backdrop! Look at those eyes! Green on green!

She’s the queen of the wooooorld!

Jen is #1…at #1 lifeguard tower in Ocean Beach, CA!

The OB Pier had lots of places to work with!

I love how the sun is hitting her here.

Thanks Jen! I had an awesome time! I hope you did too!