Miranda & Scott – Long Beach Wedding

Meet Miranda and Scott! Their wedding was at The Wine Crush in Long Beach, CA. I wanted to start off this post with a kiss and a hug! The first of their marriage! (click the photos to see them larger)

How sweet is Scott’s face during that hug?! I love how he’s look at his new bride below! So happy! And those dimples! Oh, and how about that blue dress? This was my first time photographing a bride who didn’t wear a white dress. It was awesome!

As I was taking their photos right after the ceremony, some of their friends snuck up behind me and made them laugh. Isn’t it great to have friends who know you so well?! Miranda has an amazing smile!

Ahhh, Miranda, you are beautiful and as you can see, Scott thinks so too!

Husband and wife making the rounds at their reception.

Cheers to a lovely toast!

Scott’s dad signing the marriage license.

How cute is this little guy?! I wanted to put him in my pocket!

Miranda and Scott had a scrapbook photobooth set up. Everyone had a great time!

This is the bride’s Mom. How cute is she?!

How precious is this little one?

Congratulations Miranda and Scott! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Bridesmaid Box – Will you be my bridesmaid?

Have you ever heard of a “Bridesmaid Box”? I hadn’t…until I got one in the mail, so I wanted to share!

I have to admit, it was really fun and exciting to receive! Immediately after, I was at my computer looking it up! After a little internet research, it looks like this is a relatively new thing women are doing nowadays as a creative way to ask their besties to be a bridesmaid.

I can see how this would be especially handy if the bride to be and the possible bridesmaid did not live near each other. This was the case with me and my cousin. I live in CA while she lives in VA and it was such a clever way to ask me to be one of her bridemaids. It was way more fun than just receiving a phone call (although that’s nice too!).

Here’s how it happened: I went to my mailbox and there was a small package from my cousin. She had just gotten back from a trip visiting her fiance, so I thought it must be a souvenir from her travels. She had wrapped the box in the brown shipping paper and wrote my address directly on the paper.

Once I got the paper off,  but before I opened the box, I admittedly was so confused! Now it’s so obvious, but at the time, I was scratching my head. You can see the engagement ring sticker on the front of the box along with photos of me and my cousin when we were much younger kids : ) A cute little touch was the place setting stickers on the top of the box!

(click photos to see them larger!)


I am totally ashamed to admit this next bit. I was so excited about this mysterious package, that I pulled the lid straight off and put it next to me on the floor without looking at it. (I often open my mail like a kid on the floor. I find the clean up is easier. Call me crazy!) But seriously, HOW cute is the inside lid?! I love it. So sweet…


Heeeeeeere’s what was inside! A huge, fake, LIGHT-UP engagement ring (which fit by the way!) and a Ring Pop! (remember those?) OK, that’s not true! Actually there were TWO Ring Pops in there and I ATE one before I thought to take photos…sue me.


Finally, here is what it all looked like together! What a super cute idea!

Have you ever received a “Bridesmaid Box?” Or maybe you used this method to ask your girls to be in your wedding party? Do tell!

Scott & Gretchen – Wedding Photography in San Diego

Remember Scott and Gretchen from their engagement photos? I was actually a guest at their wedding, but was happy to do some photos for them as well! (You can also click the photos and scroll through to see them larger.)

I headed to Scott’s house where the boys were getting ready and all the flowers where there! There was a mix-up that morning and they went with it!

Scott is such a goofball, gotta love him…

When I arrived at the bridal room, Gretchen was already made up and looked gorgeous! (They had another photographer there to photograph) the ladies getting ready.

As the ladies finish getting ready, the boys ended up where they so often do before the wedding…at the bar ; )

Scott and Gretchen decided to see each other before the ceremony and this was their “first look”…it was so sweet and tearful.

Arriving at the ceremony site, I grabbed a few details before the wedding began.

Here comes the bride with her dad, so happy!

Scott’s Mom doing a reading.

Their ceremony and reception was on a Naval base. During the ceremony, this boat came cruising quickly toward the site. Whoever was driving the boat was so respectful as they slowed WAY down (and therefor quieted the loud engine) as they drove past us. So nice of them!

First kiss as husband and wife!

During the cocktail hour I met this little charmer, Gretchen’s nephew. He was so cute, I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. Sadly, he wouldn’t oblige.

Scott and Gretchen did something super fun! They had a magician and a caricature artist roaming around the cocktail hour. I have never seen that done before and it was a GREAT idea! The photo below was taken after I watched the magician, Kevin (on the right), do a trick with the wedding guest and apparently STOLE a watch right off  the guests wrist and no one had any idea…including the guy wearing it! Amazing! If you need a great magician in San Diego, check him out!

This is Dave, the caricature artist. He was awesome too! Everyone who had one done, loved it. Including me! (See the last photo in this post for proof!) If you are looking for someone with an awesome personality and super talent for your next event, check out Caricatures By Dave!

They used one of their engagement photos for a sign-in board.

See?! This kid cracked me up!

Thanks again for including me in your special day! Wishing you happiness forever! Oh and see, here is the evidance of the caricature artist’s awesome work : ) And no, I don’t typically photograph weddings in an off the shoulder dress!

Clay and Lydia – San Diego Wedding Photography

You may remember Lydia and Clay’s engagement session. They recently got married at Carlton Oaks in Santee, CA. It was a great day and I am so happy to share the photos from their special day!

I was giddy when I saw Lydia’s awesome red shoes! I adore when brides wear shoes other then white!

I couldn’t decide which “make-up” photos to show, so I decided to show them all! Lydia, you are so beautiful!

This was taken juuuuust after the make-up artist was done and Lydia looked into the mirror. She loos so FIERCE! I love it!

Lydia’s Grandma was so cute! She was running around getting the girls food and making sure everyone was fed. Here, you can see her lacing up Lydia. What a sweet lady!

Our first look at Clay and his groomsmen. Clay, you look like 007! Give it up for the real bow-tie! Love it! Photo taken by my assistant, Joel.

This is what the boys get to do while the girls spend all day getting beautiful! Also taken by my assistant Joel.

We had to get the bridesmaids to shield our precious bride as we went to the ceremony site. You can see her hiding back there if you look hard!

This amazing photo of the mother of the groom and mother of the bride was taken by my equally amazing assistant Joel!

Their ceremony was performed by Bethel. She is so sweet and made their ceremony so personal!

This little one was conked out…too cute!

I think this photo is my favorite from the whole day! It was just as they pulled back from their first smooch as husband as wife…you can see all over their faces how happy they are! Ahhh, love!

Had to throw in this fun one of their bridal party!

Clay and Lydia were awesome…they were so happy after the wedding, they just would look at each other, smile and kiss! It made my job nice and easy ; )

I think this one belongs in a golf magazine somewhere!

Work those shoes girl!

“Speeding” back to the reception!

Remember the place setting cards I told you about? You can see how Lydia used them on the top of her gift boxes.

Click the image below to see Lydia and Clay boogie! This was just as they came in and were announced for the first time. They are too cute!

Their first dance, so romantic…

It was so sweet, Clay was singing the words to their first dance song to Lydia as they danced.

I love Lydia’s “bouquet toss face”!

Thanks to you both for trusting me on your special day! I hope you had a great honeymoon!

Super Cute Place Setting Cards!

Remember Lydia and Clay? For their wedding, I made these super cute little cards for their place settings! They are 2.9″ x 1.26″ … too cute! On one side of the cards was information for guests about how to log onto parkerspictures.com to see  the happy couple’s engagement and wedding photos and on the other side was a picture from the engagement session. There were about 30 different images, which made them so fun! Click on the photo to see more details! (The log-on information on the bottom card was blurred out on purpose, but I still wanted you to see what that side looked like).

If you are interested in cards like this for your wedding or event, just let me know!

Dave & Syl Get Married – San Diego Wedding Photography

Meet Dave and Syl! They were an awesome laid back San Diego couple that I had the pleasure of photographing after I got a call from my friends at Goodnickels Photography. Someone was sick and they needed some assistance. I was happy to jump on board and help out. Here are some of the images from the lovely beach-side day.

Dave relaxed with his groomsmen just a short walk from the ceremony site.

Their ceremony was so sweet and personal! Bethel was an amazing officiant!

During the ceremony as  I crouched down in the aisle to take pictures of the bride and groom, I looked over and this little cutie wanted to play!

Mother and Father of the bride as they walked down the aisle of the ceremony to cocktail hour. So happy!

A few lovely details…

Syl and Dave taking a casual formal with Syl’s parents and sisters. I love how happy they all look!

Because I couldn’t decide on one bridal party pictures to post (they are all so fun!), here is a series!

Pretty sure these are their Zoolander faces!

Nothin’ like a pat on the tush from your sister! (I love how Dave and Syl are just watching them!)

Love Dave’s smile here…

I caught this moment of  Syl checking out her new rings.Thanks to Dave and Syl for allowing me to join them on their special day at the last moment! It was a lovely day!

Cassandra & Paul Get Married – San Diego Wedding Photographer

Meet Cassandra and Paul! They were such a laid back couple and as you can see Paul was quite the ham!

They had an intimate ceremony and reception at The Wine Crush in Long Beach, CA.

Paul’s daughter was the flower girl. She was all smiles right up until she had to walk down the aisle. She suddenly was shy and there were a few tears! But, she was a brave little girl!

Casandra’s father walked her down the aisle, so sweet.

Signing the wedding license…

Cassandra gave gifts to her bridesmaids…

Paul and his boys had a lot of…energy!

What a family!

Thanks to Cass and Paul for letting me be part of your special day!