Baby Isabella – San Diego Newborn Photographer

Meet Isabella! She was about a week and a half old in these photos and so sweet. She had to spend a few extra days in the hospital, so she was still getting used to being at home on the day we took her photos. Because her schedule was different, it took us some serious time to get her to finally konk out and sleep. This is perfectly normal for a newborn shoot and that is why I only schedule one shoot per day. Just in case! Once we got her sleeping, I snapped away! I love her little sleeping smile plus the sweet bow in the first image. Melt my heart!

DVD Cover Photo – Fitness Roots & Madeline Romeo

Meet Madeline! You may remember her from a shoot we did awhile back. She is an amazing personal trainer, speaking from experience, and she is going to be putting out a DVD! How exciting is THAT?! I swear she is the next Jillian Michaels!

This is the shot she is going to use for the DVD cover and her website. For more information on the Fitness Roots DVD release click here. Madeline, I had a great time at our shoot and I wish you success on your DVD launch!