BeBop, Take 2! – San Diego Pet Photographer

Meet BeBop! He is an adorable Corgi! You might remember the photos I took of him as just a little puppy. Now he is a “big boy”! He’s so cute! Especially when he looks at you straight on and looks like he’s smiling! He is also incredibly well trained. That made it nice and easy to get so many shot of him sitting and looking towards the camera. Always keep that in mind when scheduling a dog photo shoot. The better your dog is trained, the more painless the session will be. If your dog cannot sit and stay on command for at least 20 seconds or so, consider doing some training before scheduling a photo shoot. (click the photos to see them larger)

Ah, look at that sweet face…

Cousins! – San Diego Family Photographer

Meet cousins Lilly and Joe! (click on the photos to see them larger)

Joe’s Daddy and Mommy were having a family BBQ and invited me along to take photos of their fun day!  Joe climbed into a cute little tree in the backyard. He climbed pretty high for a 4 year old (about 4 feet)! He was perched in the tree for this photo.

Lilly got in the tree too!  Actually she was gently placed there by her mom :) How cute are her sparkly shoes?!

Her little smile kills me…

So does her personality! HA! Love her!

Quick family photo…

Love the next two photos of the adorable cousins playing in the yard!

See that smile again!

…and the curls…

Finally, what would a BBQ be without the BBQ!?





BeBop! – San Diego Pet Photography

Meet BeBop! (Click on the photos to see them bigger!)

He’s an ANIMAL! (See his collar?) BeBop is a Corgi puppy! A friend of mine recently got him, and she is doing a great job with his training.

Although he does like to chew on things…

And chew…  :)

But how can you resist that sweet face?!

Look how low to the ground he is! So tiny!

BeBop was a great doggie for his shoot! If  your canine best friend is ready for their close up…give Parker’s Pictures a call!