Vegas Baby!

Vegas Baby! Oh, how I love Vegas! Which is honestly kind of strange because to know me, you wouldn’t think I would be the kind of person to love Vegas. I think I love the idea of people not judging me for staying up until all hours of the night/next morning!  : )  Last time I was there, I took out my camera and tripod for a little night shoot. This first photo was my fav of the bunch! Yeah, it’s a little obvious, but I don’t care! (Click the photos to see them larger.)

If you’ve been to Vegas, why do YOU love it?


I’ve always heard and seen in pictures/movies/TV how beautiful Hawaii is, but WOW, it really is! I recently made my first trip to Hawaii, to the island of Oahu. The weather? Forget about it! Hawaii has ruined San Diego for me!  Just thinking about the warm ocean water makes me feel more relaxed…ahhhhhhh. I can not WAIT to go back. Hopefully someday very soon, because the little 3 day tease I had, well, that was just mean!

As you probably know, I usually don’t take too many landscapes or artsy images, but occasionally it does happen! Like in New York City and Hawaii, because it is just too beautiful!

We went for an ATV tour (yes, I drove an ATV!) on Kualoa Ranch. They do lots of things there, including filming for movies and TV. This is where they did a lot of filming for LOST. It was so pretty, although when the tour was over we were DIRTY, covered head to toe in dirt from the ATVs!

This crazy looking dish will start the “food” portion of our tour. From what I gather, this is a traditional Hawaiian dish (please correct me if I am wrong) that was invented for hungry surfers and is high in protein and carbs. It is basically white rice, a hamburger patty, an egg and gravy. It’s called “Loco-Moco”…crazy!

I had to share this image because it was THE best shave ice I had in Hawaii and I’m sad because I didn’t order it! It came from Hawaiian Island X-treme Smoothie & Shaved Ice, a food truck next to the famous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. And yes, for those wondering, it is called shave ice, not shaved. After a little research I found that shave ice is different then what we call snow cones in that shave ice is finer (like a powder) as opposed to chunky like a snow cone.

Giovanni’s Shrimp came highly recommended! Personally, I don’t like shrimp, but my travel companions said this really was amazing shrimp! So instead of eating, I documented!

All the colors were so vivid!

I’d like to close out this post with this photo that I call “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….”  ; )

Christmas In (Almost) July!

Christmas in July!? Well, almost July anyway!

Yeah, Yeah, I know the holidays are over…as a matter of fact, we are getting closer to Holidays 2011, can you believe it? YIKES! Before it gets even later in the year, I wanted to post some photos I took in New York, Holidays 2010. I went home to see my family and acted like a TOURIST! <Gasp!>  I hate looking like a tourist anywhere, but especially my home state! Luckily it resulted in some really nice images, so I feel OK about the tourist thing!

Upon arrive in Grand Central station, I walked past Junior’s.  Actually, it’s a baby Junior’s, meaning it’s just a small shop where you get dessert to-go. They also have several full restaurants around NYC. They are famous for their cheesecake, which is the ONE dessert I don’t eat (although I eat everything else!). I could not help but take a photo of the boxes and boxes of cheesecakes stacked in the tiny shop for all of the holiday travelers!

The Empire State Building is styled in Art Deco, which I love! From this angle though, it’s hard to tell, but I do love how you get the feeling that the building is just so big.

I’m pretty sure that if I had lived in the city when I was in high school learning photography, I would have taken these subway photos back then : )

Per their website, Mcsorley’s “can boast of being New York City’s oldest continuously operated saloon” as it opened in 1854! What the what? Yes, 1854! We stopped in to check it out, how could we not!

You can’t go to NYC around the holidays and not go into FAO Schwarz, come on, am I right? This was by FAR the biggest stuffed animal I have seen in my whole life!

Remember the movie “Big”? If you grew up the 80′s like I did, this next photo will both excite you and make you want to cry an little (because if you don’t win the lottery, you probably will never own one, sorry!).

The snow makes everything so quiet…

Fake Tilt Shift – San Diego Photographer

A friend asked me if I had ever heard of  “Tilt Shift” photography. I hadn’t, so I did a little online research and thought it might be fun to try. In order to do it for “real”, you need a special lens attachment. But, you can also get a similar, yet not perfect look using Photoshop.  Tilt Shift makes things look like they are miniature. How neat! I had fun trying it out!

Is this a miniature set for a new summer blockbuster? Nope, this is the real thing taken from the top of the Empire State building. Whaddya think?