La Jolla Engagement Shoot – Amanda & Hans

Meet Amanda and Hans! We took their engagement shots in La Jolla, CA. Click on the photos to see them larger!

These cutie lovebirds hail from Chicago, but are currently living in San Diego.

Their “San Diego” themed wedding is going to be in Chicago, so for their “Save The Date”  they wanted to have some San Diego beach pictures! It was terribly sunny the evening we had their shoot. First we thought it was going to be pouring rain, and suddenly there was not a cloud in the sky. So first, we headed for some shade.

Their future’s so bright, they had to wear shades! One of my favorites!

I love their natural reactions here. They almost got soaked by a wave!

I knew it was going to be a chilly day at the beach, so I told Amanda and Hans to bring a favorite blanket if they had one. They brought along a Chicago Bears blanket and figured everyone back home would love it! Super cute!

This was one of the last photos I took of the day. The sun was JUST about to set and these poor kids were soaking wet. (More on that below.) I had them turn towards me and I shot right into the sun. Not something I traditionally do, but in this case, it turned out so sweet!

Typically I would have ended my post with the photo above, but just had to share a little more. As we were shooting the tide was coming in FAST. Amanda and Hans were doing a great job of warning me before I was going to get wet. Unfortunately I did not do a great job at warning them. Oops! I blame my camera! I couldn’t see that the water was coming until it was too late! Sorry you guys! But, it did end up in some fun photos!

Amanda and Hans, I had fun with you both that afternoon despite the blinding bright sun, chilly breeze a wedding smack in the middle of the beach! I hope you did too! Have an amazing wedding in 2012!


Kolbe & Heidi – La Jolla Engagement Photography

Meet Kolbe and Heidi! I’ve been friends with Kolbe for several years and when he was single, he would say, “I just want a girl to somehow fall from the sky and into my life.” I told him, “Kolbe, that’s just not going to happen!” And, you know what? I was wrong! Heidi quite literally fell from the sky and into his life! OK, not literally…but close enough!

Their story is not mine to tell, but all you need to know is that they are so terribly in love ♥.

You could just see the sparks between them! From the second I met Heidi, I knew she was perfect for my friend. If there had been a catalog of women, I would have picked Heidi for Kolbe in a second!

(And isn’t it cute that both of their names end in the “ie” sound?!)

PS – These photos look way awesome when you look at them full size by clicking on them.

Kolbe, you are a lucky man ; ) Look at her eyes!

Heidi is a designer and her requests for their engagement shoot was to have an “old building” look and some beach shots. I think we pulled it off pretty well by heading to La Jolla for the shoot. Some of the textures on the buildings were great and Heidi was happy, which is what I care about!

How sweet are they?

They just laughed and laughed…so in love…

I think this one is my favorite!

I had to throw this one in there, JUST to tell you the story about how freaked out I was when the happy couple suggestion climbing OVER the wall to get the best shot. I was terrified they were going to fall. Kolbe, being the eternal joke-ster, thought it was hilarious that I kept telling them to “PLEASE BE CAREFUL!”, and “clung” to Heidi as if he was going to fall. At the time I wanted to kill him for scaring me, but now…the picture is kind of funny. Thanks Kolbs!

Do you feel it? Do you feel the love?

I absolutely love these two photos! They both already have great natural smiles, but the smiles here are super genuine. What you don’t see is that literally 10 second before I took the photos, icy-cold ocean water came up MUCH higher then expected and we all got wet. Yikes! Sorry about your pants guys! But you have to admit, it was worth getting the awesome shots, right? : )

These next two shots are very similar, but I couldn’t decide which one to post. Don’t buy into the myth that you need a clear day for a photo shoot. Clouds are awesome!Love you guys! Congrats on your marriage! I know it will be amazing. Thanks for trusting me to take your special engagement/announcement photos!

Tatiana & Chris – Engagement Photography in San Diego

Meet Tatiana and Chris! They have been friends of mine for years and I was so happy to capture their engagement photos.  They were fantastic during the shoot! I hardly had to give them any coaching at all, they are so lovey-dovey with each other! (Don’t forget if you want to see the photos larger, just click on them.)

Also, a note to the ladies: I always recommend having your make-up professionally done before your shoot. Tatiana did, and she had the brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone. She went for her “wedding day make-up trial” before our engagement shoot. How smart is that?!

See? How cute are they? They did most of these poses on their own! They will be using this photo at their wedding for their sign in board. I am honored! (It’s one of my faves too.)

I had to throw this one in there, because it was just too cute. I was trying to tell Chris to kiss Tatiana on the CHEEK and accidentally I said CHIN. He follows directions well ; )

So sweet…like a romantic movie…

Something funny happened during our shoot and Chris was laughing so hard, he started CRYING, yes, crying. I love how Tatiana is looking at him like, “Really?”.

The light on front of these doors was amazing…

While we were on our shoot, I saw this tree where someone had painted a heart on a cut branch.

More awesome light under this tree. To me the pictures taken here look so editorial to me. Not something I usually aim for, but I think it worked out nicely!

Tatiana, you are so beautiful! Can’t wait for your wedding day!

While we were shooting, Tatiana threw a smooch on Chris’ forehead. Too cute…I am so looking forward to the wedding next month. Love you guys!

Sherry & Joel – Engagement Shoot San Diego

Meet Sherry and  Joel! They are dear friends of mine and I was SO very excited when they announced their engagement. They were made for each other, for real! I know I sound sappy, but I don’t care! I love these two crazy kids! Especially when they offered to LEAP off a bench for me. Be-still my heart!

I wish I had brought a higher step stool. Joel is VERY tall, and me? Well, not so much.

Seriously, how cute are they? I can’t even get over it.

I love how Joel is touching Sherry’s face, so sweet. Sherry, you have the most amazing skin in the HISTORY of skin!

I leave you with a little fun in the parking lot after our shoot was “over”. But not to worry, we were actually putting the misplaced cart back in it’s rightful place!

Super Cute Place Setting Cards!

Remember Lydia and Clay? For their wedding, I made these super cute little cards for their place settings! They are 2.9″ x 1.26″ … too cute! On one side of the cards was information for guests about how to log onto to see  the happy couple’s engagement and wedding photos and on the other side was a picture from the engagement session. There were about 30 different images, which made them so fun! Click on the photo to see more details! (The log-on information on the bottom card was blurred out on purpose, but I still wanted you to see what that side looked like).

If you are interested in cards like this for your wedding or event, just let me know!

Scott & Gretchen – Del Mar Engagement Photography

Meet Scott and Gretchen! They are friends of mine and I was happy to take their photos! Scott proposed to Gretchen in Hawaii, lucky girl! They live in Del Mar, so we headed to the lovely coast for their engagement session. (Click on the photos to see them larger.)

Look at those blue eyes!

After a wardrobe change, we headed down to the water. I love how she is looking at him here!

Stay tuned for a few photos from Scott and Gretchen’s wedding (where I was a guest). Thanks guys, I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon! Thanks for trusting me with your engagement photos!

Lydia & Clay – San Diego Engagement Photography

Meet Lydia and Clay! What a sweet couple! We used downtown San Diego as the backdrop for their engagement photos and had a great time hitting up a few locations in a short period of time. As you will see, they are so sweet with each other! Lots of love and smiles : ) Stay tuned for their wedding photos!

The garage doors we were shooting in front of belonged to the San Diego Fire Department downtown. All of a sudden one of the door started opening and I thought we were going to be asked to move to a different location for safety reasons. Then we saw one of the firetrucks roll out to go save the day! Go SDFD!

Thanks Lydia and Clay! You guys did great! I know it is hard work being a “model”!

Kimberly & Beau – Engagement Session, La Jolla

Meet Kimberly and Beau! We did their engagement session in La Jolla, CA. It was a windy day, which made it hard on Kimberly’s hair! It was also a pretty cloudy, which contrary to popular belief, usually makes BETTER photos : )

We had a fun session exploring around La Jolla Cove and taking in the awesome scenery!

How cute are they?

Beau did this move all on his own. You go Beau! Kimberly is a lucky woman ; )

Thanks for being such sports in the chilly weather!