Baby Isabella is a Model!

Remember Isabella from this post? For Isabella’s shoot, I purchased super adorable headbands from LuLu & ChaCha on Etsy! The shop owner put a photo of Isabella, that I sent her, modeling one of the headbands on the product page. Check it out here (second thumbnail). And see the screen shot below:

Baby Isabella – San Diego Newborn Photographer

Meet Isabella! She was about a week and a half old in these photos and so sweet. She had to spend a few extra days in the hospital, so she was still getting used to being at home on the day we took her photos. Because her schedule was different, it took us some serious time to get her to finally konk out and sleep. This is perfectly normal for a newborn shoot and that is why I only schedule one shoot per day. Just in case! Once we got her sleeping, I snapped away! I love her little sleeping smile plus the sweet bow in the first image. Melt my heart!

Make Your Own Color Palette!

I found the most fun new online toy! Sherwin-Williams, the paint brand, has this awesome new tool called “Let’s Chip It”. Basically what it does is gives you a color palette (of Sherwin-Williams paint colors) for a photo you choose! You can see an example I did below.

(On a side note, isn’t that kiddo precious? I took that in the hospital when she was one and a half days old.)
This tool has endless possibilities for a creative type of person! For example, you could use it the way that Sherwin-Williams intended: use it to find great colors to paint a room or your whole house. Or maybe someone took an amazing photo of your children and you’d like to decorate their playroom around the photo. Now you can paint and decorate with the right colors! Or maybe you went to Hawaii and took a stunning photo at a crystal clear blue, sandy beach and now you want to redecorate your dining room to remind yourself of your trip…EASY…now! Other great uses for this took could be picking out a color palette for a wedding or even for finding out new colors to infuse into your wardrobe. Go ahead and check it out, it’s super fun!

Sweet Baby Jane – San Diego Newborn Photography

Meet Jane. She is only 7 days old in these photos! I took a liking to calling her Sweet Baby Jane because even though her mom said she had been an angel up until this day, she was being quite difficult at the start! Of course, this is not her fault as she is new to the world! It takes a lot of patience working with children, but it is SO worth it! A few days later, we also did a shoot with her whole family.

This first photo is by far my favorite of the session, even though her little brow is furrowed. She looks sort of concerned, doesn’t she?

Once Jane’s Mom and I saw her face all scrunched up like that, we thought Baby Jane might be uncomfortable, so Mom picked her to to comfort her. She still looks a tad confused…but I love how it looks like her hands are in yoga prayer pose!

Baby Jane’s Mom, rocked her, fed her, rocked her, fed her, burped her, changed her diaper, fed her and then finally…Sweet Baby Jane appeared…sound asleep…

How cute is that hat? Jane’s Mom made it! She learned to knit while she was pregnant, how awesome!

She made the booties too!

I heart baby toes…

Bear hat courtesy of Mom also!

At one point Mom came back in the room while I was working with Sweet Baby Jane and kissed her on the head. I LOVE that the baby looks like she is smiling!

I love how Mom looks so happy!

Sweet Baby Jane, I can’t wait to meet you when you are older! Hopefully sometime soon!


Baby Kiera – Baby Photographer San Diego

Meet Kiera! A friend of mine and his wife recently had a baby girl. She was so well behaved! I’ve never seen anything like it. The only time she cried is when she was hungry and other then that she didn’t make a peep! I can’t wait to see this little one grow up! Hugs to the Z family!