Venice, Italy Print on Display!

I am so excited! I have my first piece of artwork on display. I never think of myself as an artist, because I typically work with people on their portraits. But when I travel, I take my camera everywhere and end up taking many more landscapes or “artsy” photos then I do at home.

Back in 2005 I traveled to Italy with some friends, an experience I will not soon forget. While in Venice (my favorite part if Italy as of yet) I took this photo:

As soon as I saw it (even on the teeny tiny screen I had on my camera back then), I knew it was a winner. It took me a few years to eventually print it to hang in my own house, but once I did, I fell in love with it again.

Now, hopefully other people will fall in love with it too! This week I hung up an canvas wrap of  Venice at Night in Dominic’s at the Oceanside Harbor! The walls in Dominic’s just happen to be an awesome shade of burnt orange, so the blue from the photo pops RIGHT off the wall. Pretty lovely if I do say so myself! Please forgive the awful phone photo, but I actually forgot my camera the day I hung it up (I was too excited!).

If you are local to San Diego and are at the Oceanside Harbor, go check out Dominic’s for yummy Italian/Pizza and you can see Venice at Night in person! Let me know how it looks : )

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