Rice Krispie Treats – July 4th Style

OK, well this post is a little delayed, but I made these Rice Krispie treats for a July 4th get-together. They didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted (more on that below) but, they still went over like gang-busters!

Making Rice Krispie treats can be REALLY easy if you know what’s coming. If you are not prepared or used the wrong tools, you end up with a sticky mess (but still very delicious)! The first challenge is melting the marshmallows without burning them or the butter they are in.

You have to keep a CLOSE eye on them…and when they are almost all melted, just keep stiring until all the last bits are completely melted away.

Then add in the Rice Krispies and carefully stir together (trying not to fling the cereal all over the kitchen) until all the cereal is nice and coated with the marshmallow goo!

Next, dump the mixture int your dish and here is my TIP! Put a tiny pit of water on your hands and QUICKLY press down the mixture into the dish. If you work too slowly it will start sticking to your hands! If this happens go ahead and eat those yummy bits, then wash your hands and try again! Do not, I repeat, do not try and use a tool, like a spatula or plastic wrap to press down the mixture. It doesn’t work and is messy! How yummy does that tray look! I could eat a whole batch!

Because these treats were for a party, I wanted to make them festive! The plan was to use these white candies I had leftover from another dessert project. I had only a few, but it was JUST enough!

I put them in the microwave and melted in approximately 30 second increments until they were all melted.

These were my other fun tools!

This picture was supposed to be halfway through the process. First step was to dip the treats into the white candy. CHECK! Then sprinkle with blue sugar. CHECK!

Next step was to color the left over white candy with red food coloring and drizzle it all over the treats! Below you can see me adding the red coloring.

That is where it all went wrong! HAHA! I kept adding more color to try and get a pretty red color (not pink) and I guess I added too much color because the candy seized up and became HARD! Some sort of strange chemical reaction.

So, onto plan B: I just added red sugar to the blue sugar that was already there! And, voila! July 4th Treats!

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