“Suit in the City” – San Diego Business Headshots

Meet Ian, owner of Mission Partners, a marketing and advertising firm in San Diego. He needed business portraits, so we headed downtown near his office to work with the great atmosphere. This first shot is my absolute favorite!

I like both of these photos and it is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how just a small move can change the look of a photo. Because these shots were for business, we wanted to get both “smiling” and “serious” shots so Ian could have a choice. He was a GREAT client because he took direction from me perfectly, making the small adjustments I asked him to make like “turn your head this way”, “put your chin down”, “look this way”, etc. It’s hard to be a model and I understand! Sometimes my directions might sound crazy, but it’s all to get the best shot!

This last one had me cracking up when I came home and went through the photos! As we were looking for locations to shoot downtown, I found this awesome doorway. Ian stepped near the door and I knew something was wrong! This doorway was somehow smaller then a standard doorway. Strange? Yes! On top of this, Ian is quite tall and has a large wingspan…which ended in this “super hero-ish” image! Love It!

If you own a business or need professional portraits for your job, give me a ring! I’d love to discuss what you need!



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  1. I absolutely love these pictures!

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