Dave & Syl Get Married – San Diego Wedding Photography

Meet Dave and Syl! They were an awesome laid back San Diego couple that I had the pleasure of photographing after I got a call from my friends at Goodnickels Photography. Someone was sick and they needed some assistance. I was happy to jump on board and help out. Here are some of the images from the lovely beach-side day.

Dave relaxed with his groomsmen just a short walk from the ceremony site.

Their ceremony was so sweet and personal! Bethel was an amazing officiant!

During the ceremony as  I crouched down in the aisle to take pictures of the bride and groom, I looked over and this little cutie wanted to play!

Mother and Father of the bride as they walked down the aisle of the ceremony to cocktail hour. So happy!

A few lovely details…

Syl and Dave taking a casual formal with Syl’s parents and sisters. I love how happy they all look!

Because I couldn’t decide on one bridal party pictures to post (they are all so fun!), here is a series!

Pretty sure these are their Zoolander faces!

Nothin’ like a pat on the tush from your sister! (I love how Dave and Syl are just watching them!)

Love Dave’s smile here…

I caught this moment of  Syl checking out her new rings.Thanks to Dave and Syl for allowing me to join them on their special day at the last moment! It was a lovely day!

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