The “W” Family – San Diego Family Photography

Meet The W Family! We had a great morning last weekend in Del Mar, CA! Mom wanted some photos showing “how their family is now”. Little Paxton is 18 months old and a baby due next week! (click the photos to see them larger)

This was the first and last moment Paxton stood still! He’s only 18 months old, so we understand! I had to be super fast to catch him looking at the camera. He was so fascinated by all the fun things in the park (trees, birds, trains!)

This is one of my favorites! Paxton had his (whole!) hand in his mouth, but kindly looked at the camera for a moment while perched on Daddy’s shoulders. Like Mom requested, this is how their family is now : )Paxton getting a little Mommy time…

Those eyes…

Including this last photo because I think it really shows how hard Mom’s and Dad’s work to keep their kids happy! And like Mom wanted, THIS is really what their family looks like now…chasing down an ever-curious 18 month old!

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