Bridesmaid Box – Will you be my bridesmaid?

Have you ever heard of a “Bridesmaid Box”? I hadn’t…until I got one in the mail, so I wanted to share!

I have to admit, it was really fun and exciting to receive! Immediately after, I was at my computer looking it up! After a little internet research, it looks like this is a relatively new thing women are doing nowadays as a creative way to ask their besties to be a bridesmaid.

I can see how this would be especially handy if the bride to be and the possible bridesmaid did not live near each other. This was the case with me and my cousin. I live in CA while she lives in VA and it was such a clever way to ask me to be one of her bridemaids. It was way more fun than just receiving a phone call (although that’s nice too!).

Here’s how it happened: I went to my mailbox and there was a small package from my cousin. She had just gotten back from a trip visiting her fiance, so I thought it must be a souvenir from her travels. She had wrapped the box in the brown shipping paper and wrote my address directly on the paper.

Once I got the paper off,  but before I opened the box, I admittedly was so confused! Now it’s so obvious, but at the time, I was scratching my head. You can see the engagement ring sticker on the front of the box along with photos of me and my cousin when we were much younger kids : ) A cute little touch was the place setting stickers on the top of the box!

(click photos to see them larger!)


I am totally ashamed to admit this next bit. I was so excited about this mysterious package, that I pulled the lid straight off and put it next to me on the floor without looking at it. (I often open my mail like a kid on the floor. I find the clean up is easier. Call me crazy!) But seriously, HOW cute is the inside lid?! I love it. So sweet…


Heeeeeeere’s what was inside! A huge, fake, LIGHT-UP engagement ring (which fit by the way!) and a Ring Pop! (remember those?) OK, that’s not true! Actually there were TWO Ring Pops in there and I ATE one before I thought to take photos…sue me.


Finally, here is what it all looked like together! What a super cute idea!

Have you ever received a “Bridesmaid Box?” Or maybe you used this method to ask your girls to be in your wedding party? Do tell!

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  1. Grandpa Arthur says:

    What a delightful reaction to what you received from Samantha. It gives me pleasure & pride to feel the warmth being exchanged between two of my grandchildren. It all comes down to the most important thing in our lives FAMILY!!!!!

    Grandpa Arthur!

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