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Meet cousins Lilly and Joe! (click on the photos to see them larger)

Joe’s Daddy and Mommy were having a family BBQ and invited me along to take photos of their fun day!  Joe climbed into a cute little tree in the backyard. He climbed pretty high for a 4 year old (about 4 feet)! He was perched in the tree for this photo.

Lilly got in the tree too!  Actually she was gently placed there by her mom :) How cute are her sparkly shoes?!

Her little smile kills me…

So does her personality! HA! Love her!

Quick family photo…

Love the next two photos of the adorable cousins playing in the yard!

See that smile again!

…and the curls…

Finally, what would a BBQ be without the BBQ!?





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  1. Susan says:

    The chidren look so natural and relaxed. It’s almost like they were unaware of your presence.

    • Erica says:

      Thanks! I take lots of time before I start photographing kids. I ask them about their day or their room or whatever they want. They get used to me and then they don’t seem to care so much that I’m there!

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