How To See Filtered Yelp Reviews

Yelp Shmelp!

I used to think Yelp was the best thing since sliced bread (yum!). Now? Not so much. Why you ask? Well, I have awesome clients who bother to take the time to go to Yelp and post a review about my business. So what did Yelp decide to do? Filter all 6 of my reviews! These are not just any old reviews either. They are all 5-star reviews for Parker’s Pictures from my 5-star clients!  As a business owner this is very frustrating. Even more so as a photographer because I am not a restaurant or store that has tons of people walking in and out of the door all day long. I know my clients well and I’ve cultivated relationships with them!

After contacting Yelp, I received the following explanation:

“As our review filter is automated, we can’t manually restore a review that has been filtered. The filter continually reevaluates its decisions based on the information at hand. As a result, it’s fairly common to see reviews come and go as the filter picks up new information.”

OK, I get that. It means the filter they use has a mind of it’s own and it does the best job it can to filter out fake reviews. But doesn’t it seem strange that EVERY SINGLE one of my very genuine reviews are being filtered? I’ll clarify here that “filtered” does not mean “blocked”. Filtered means the reviews they filter out are not factored into the overall rating of a business (the star rating at the top of the page). It also means the filtered reviews ARE still accessible, but hidden. I think it is such a process for someone to get to these filtered/hidden reviews, it will deter most people from reading them, even if they can find them.

I want to teach everyone how to get to filtered reviews as I believe it is a skill you need in order to use Yelp to it’s fullest extent. I learned this trick awhile back and I now use it all the time when looking up businesses on Yelp that have filtered reviews.

Let me show you what you would have to do in order to see the filtered reviews on Parker’s Pictures Yelp page. Once you get there, you will see something like this:

As you see, the page looks pretty sad without reviews or a star rating  :(

The link to find the filtered reviews is not at the top of the page, but ALL the way at the bottom. The strange thing is that the link is so far down the page, it looks like it’s placed down there under invisible reviews:

See it down there in the bottom left of the above image? So lonely and sad! Here is what it looks like close up:

In order to see the filtered reviews, first you have to click the grey words that say “Read 6 filtered reviews”. Once you click that link a little window will pop up that looks like this:

This is called a “captcha” and it is helps websites make sure that you are human and not a robot. (I know what you’re thinking…”Robot?” Just think of it meaning “spam”.) It’s an obstacle you have to pass in order to get to the filtered reviews. You have to type the words/letters you see in dark black into the area where it says to type. Sometimes they are really hard to read. If so, you can get a new one by clicking the red icon of the two arrows shaped like a circle.

Only after you type in the letters correctly will you have access to the filtered reviews. Here is what it looks like for Parker’s Pictures (I hope you read them!):

click on the image to see it larger

Who knows, maybe as the Yelp filter gets smarter it will give me my reviews back just like they said. But for now, I just want to make sure everyone knows how to see filtered reviews on Yelp. Good Luck!

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