The Cutest Nephew Ever!

OK, I’m biased, but he’s my nephew and he’s Ah-Dorable. Meet Parker! (No relation to Parker’s Pictures…it’s a long story!) Took these while I was home for Thanksgiving and we had lots of time for fun photos : )

I never met a kid like this who LOVES broccoli! (Of course he had to show Aunt Erica what it looks like when he’s chewing it…ew.)

Two of my favorite people…my brother and my nephew. Betcha’ don’t even see the resemblance ; )

I had so many fun photos of Parker from Thanksgiving that I decided to make my brother a framed photo for a Hanukkah gift. It went straight to his office! So glad you liked it bro! Kinda cool to see my photos at someone’s desk! Love you guys!

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